Monday, May 16, 2011

europe! part 1!

kyles new name is uncle tree, hes 3.3 meters tall in giant land.

the khan family took us in for a few days, made us dinner and we love them.
wymo and king khan sharing gnocci!
these crazy smiles happened to us in berlin, and no one knows why.

let england shake!!
timmy c hangin in the etap parking lot
macdeth the lighting engineer in london
kk slangin records and sendin emails. and yelling, all the damn time.
matt from rough trade came and hung out in london
we ran into sonny and the sunsets at a gas station in germany!!

ryan from sonny and the sunsets, enjoying many german gas station sandwhiches

shayde made it to the beatles house in hamburg
we wrote a new song in the van on the way to munich

in berlin, king khan and shayde get healed
kyle gibson, the face of the band
we got to play 3 shows with the black lips in germany! best dudes ever.
what a way to start the day!

tim and god
hunting rainbows!! come and find us

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